Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cookie Dough Pie

If you like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (and I'm sure you all do), you'll love this!
This is the easiest thing you'll ever make!
I know this isn't baking, but I just have to share this recipe because it's super easy! I stumbled onto this recipe from Leisl's Confection Dissection (a really great blog), and I knew I had to make it! The recipe is originally from Big Red Kitchen. If you have 5 minutes, you can easily throw this together & pop it in the fridge!

You will need*:

Cool Whip
Store bought Chocolate Chip Cookies
(I used Keebler because they're thicker than Chip's Ahoy.)
Several cups of Milk
(enough for dipping the cookies)
Optional: Chocolate Syrup or Chocolate Chips

*The amounts of the ingredients vary, so have extra on hand

Quickly dip cookies in milk, shake off the excess milk and layer them in a 9 inch pie plate, or another glass dish. Break up the cookies to fill any gaps. Once the first layer is complete, top with a thin layer of Cool Whip. Repeat twice more making last layer of Cool Whip a bit thicker.

Garnish with Chocolate Syrup, Chocolate Chips, or some Cookie Crumbs if desired. Place in the fridge several hours before serving.

Here is an image of Robin Sue's Cookie Dough Pie
(From Big Red Kitchen)

Good Luck!


  1. I think it's great that you love baking! I was just like you when I was 13. Keep with it. I love your blog!

  2. Oh man, I never should have stumbled over this much for working out next week!

    Love your blog! Congrats on being in the Foodie Blogroll :)

  3. Looks so yummy and congrats on the foodie blogroll!

  4. Looks so delicious. Love your blog!!


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