Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bakerella Inspired Cake Truffles

I made Cake truffles using Bakerella's recipe for her Cake Pops.

First, I made a regular box cake in a 9 x 13 inch pan. I let it cool, and then I crumbled it up in a large bowl.

Then, I mixed in 1 16 oz. can of frosting. I couldn't decide which flavor to use, so I did half chocolate and half white.After the frosting is mixed in well, using a small ice-cream scoop, Scoop the Cake mixture into approximately 1 inch size balls, and refridgerate until the balls become firm (about a couple of hours). Once the balls are firm, roll them in your hands to make them smooth. I would recomend storing them in the freezing for another hour or two until you are ready to dip them in Chocolate. If want colored chocolate, you should use Wilton Candy Melts. DO NOT add food coloring to the chocolate inless it does not contain water. Always read the package instructions before melting or adding anything to your chocolate.

I drizzled some chocolate on mine,
but you can always use sprinkles or nuts to garnish your cake truffles.

Bakerella shapes hers into cupcakes. Too Cute!
You can see Bakerella's Official Recipe here, and a video of her making them on The Martha Stewart Show here.

Good Luck!


  1. I love cake pops!

    check out my blog...i just started too.

  2. Great job on these. Keep it up, Sara!


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