Friday, May 29, 2009

My First Fondant Covered Cake!

Yay! My first fondant covered cake! I've been wanting to try a fondant cake forever. It's not as easy as it looks. I made the marshmallow fondant myself by melting marshmallows with some water and mixing them with a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar. It doesn't really taste like marshmallows though, just powdered sugar. So it's mainly just for looks. I know it has some cracks, but it's not too shabby for my first time. Right? I'll try it again some other time.

To make this, I just made a regular box cake with some secret ingredients to make it EXTRA moist. I had the marshmallow fondant made a few days earlier and kept it wrapped tightly in saran wrap and a plastic bag with no air. I used the recipe from Wilton's website for the Rolled Marshmallow fondant.

First you frost the cake with a light layer of Buttercream Frosting ( I also used a recipe from Wilton's website), but before I frost the cake. I like to brush it with sugar water to "lock" in the moisture. After you frost the cake you should leave it in the fridge while you roll out your fondant. Before you roll out your fondant, you should spray your surface with cooking spray and then dust it heavily with cornstarch or powdered sugar.

Once you have your fondant rolled out to the size of your cake, you can remove your cake from the fridge. To position the fondant on your cake, fold the fondant over your rolling pin and carry it over onto your your cake. Once it's on your cake smooth it on with your hands or fondant smoother and viola'! Fondant covered cake!

To color the fondant use paste food coloring and mix it in with your hands ( you MIGHT want to wear gloves ). I used small cookie cutters to cut the stars out. To stick the stars to the fondant, you use a little bit of water. Not too much because your colors might run.

I hope you learned something! Send me pictures of your fondant cakes!